Our Brands

A market leader in the drinking water industry, Iceberg pure drinking water is produced through a vigorous quality controlled filtration and sterilisation process that comply with Singapore Ministry of Health standards. The brand represents clean, clear and refreshing pure drinking bottled water that perfectly solves all your rehydration needs wherever you are – at work, home or outdoor.

SAGIKO is our flagship brand of canned & bottled juices/drinks with a unique Asian twist. Through endless R&D fueled by our determination for innovation, we now have over 50 varieties of flavours across several collections – namely Asian tea drinks, juices, dessert drinks and more. To date, we have proudly shipped SAGIKO products to 60 countries globally.

Kings’ Choice, our premium brand of oil, focuses on the international market.  Our range of oil is predominantly utilized as a cooking oil suitable for all types of food products and any style of cooking.

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